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Meeting Your Temporary Staff Needs

Kempston Employment Solutions is your one-stop temporary staff agency.

Kempston Employment Solutions is a labour broker agency that has built their reputation by providing skilled and trained temporary staff for companies in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, and Durban.

Our database of temporary staff is fully vetted and trained to ensure that we can meet your staffing needs as you require them.

Hiring Competent Temporary Staff

Temporary staff play an important role for businesses who need short term temporary staff periodically without the hassle of recruiting the staff themselves. Contracting Kempston Employment Solutions to take over this function can streamline your business processes as your staff can focus all their energies on their work while we take care of your temporary staffing needs.

Hiring temporary staff is a full-time job, not including all the admin and payroll duties that go along with it. Hiring a labour broker such as Kempston Employment Solutions takes these duties out of your hands and into the capable hands of qualified professionals.

Choose Kempston Employment Solutions

Kempston Employment services a variety of sectors, providing temporary staff such as cashiers, van assistants, gym instructors, drivers, general workers, and office cleaners.

Contact Kempston Employment Solutions today to find out how we can service your temporary staffing needs.

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