Temporary Staffing Solutions Cape Town

Temporary Staffing Solutions in Cape Town

Kempston Employment Solutions offers temporary staffing solutions in Cape Town and other major cities in the country. There are massive benefits to outsourcing employees from a reputable temporary employment service provider such as our self.

In Cape Town there are major labour laws that make it difficult for companies to hire staff, even for a temporary period. With our expert knowledge, we are able to help you if you are looking for staff over a fixed, contracted or short term. However, if you are looking to employee staff on a more full time basis, get in touch with the team at Kempston Recruitment.

temporary staffing solutions in cape town

Understanding of the Temporary Employment Service Provider Industry

As a temporary employment service provider offering temporary staffing solutions in Cape Town, we hire all staff full time, which results in us having a strong understanding of the LRA, BCEA and Bargaining Councils. This, in essence, means you will be protected from any legal action leading to lengthy hearings and pricy claims; saving you time and money.

Trained and Vetted Staff You Can Trust

Kempston Employment Solutions’ labour outsourcing extends to drivers, van assistants, office and industrial cleaners, general workers, stock take staff, warehouse staff, manufacturers, cashiers and alike. All of the employees are properly trained before being sent on any jobs. For example, all of our truck drivers, in addition to having a valid code 10 or code 14 drivers licence, undergo comprehensive training at our Kempston Driver Academy.

Temporary Staffing Solutions in Cape Town

Kempston Employment Solutions offers outsourced labour in Cape Town and other major cities around the country i.e. Durban, Johannesburg, East London and Port Elizabeth. If you are in need of temporary labour solutions, get in touch with one of our labour consultants today for a comprehensive employee management service.

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Tel: 021 534 7653
Offices: 15 Dacres Avenue, Epping Industrial 2, Cape Town.
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Quick Facts About Kempston Employment Solutions

  • offering labour outsourcing solutions
  • strong knowledge of all legal bodies
  • qualified consultants recruiting staff
  • full package of payroll management
  • outsourcing labour in major cities
  • trained and vetted temporary staff
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