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Kempston Employment Solutions is your one-stop temporary staff agency.

Kempston Employment Solutions provides quality temporary staffing solutions to a number of services industries around South Africa. Our nationwide network of skilled and trained workforce has lead us to become a quality labour broker agency that companies can depend on. If you are looking for employment solutions and trusted labour brokers in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, East London, Durban or Johannesburg, get in touch today.

Employing Staff So You Don’t Have To

We permanently employ staff making us a viable choice when it comes to meeting companies employment needs. By us employing staff on a permanent basis, companies do not have to worry about paying out staff in the event of retrenchment, for example. Whether you are looking for an employee for a single project (e.g. a new build on your premises), fixed term or short term, let us assist you.

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Strong Knowledge Of Labour Legislation

In an increasingly complex legislative environment, you need an ethical, professional and financially sustainable employment partner that can offer guidance, protection and flexibility in the supply of permanent, temporary, contract and outsourced staff.

As a division of The Kempston Group, our knowledge of the CCMA, LRA, BCEA and Bargaining Councils offers protection against the risks of industrial action, which has the potential to result in lengthy hearings and costly claims. Since we employ staff permanently, you do not have to worry about creating employment contracts and, if you would like to remove or replace a staff member for whatever reason, we will see to this effectively and efficiently.

Removing the Demand of Day-to-Day Labour Management

By removing the demands of day-to-day management of labour we enable you to focus on your core business. A pool of vetted and verified candidates means that we can supply the right skills so that you can match your staffing requirements to unpredictable demand.

Assisting Customers in a Number of Industries

Our customers from any number of industries will testify that whether it is Drivers (Code 10 / Code 14), Van Assistants, Cashiers, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Logistics, Merchandising or Stock Take Staff you need for a day or a week, we can help keep your workforce at its required capacity.

Kempston Recruitment Offering Permanent Placements

For permanent placements, contact Kempston Recruitment, a specialist in permanent recruitment, who exceed their client’s expectations by providing a professional, best practice, competitively priced comprehensive recruitment solutions across a wide range of functional commercial areas including management, technical, financial, sales and support positions.

Benefits of Using Our Services


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Functions of Kempston Employment Solutions

You labour broker will be responsible for handling the flexible component of your workforce by managing the effective sourcing of skills, creating contracts, statutory costs (skills, development, levies, UIF and PAYE), paying the staff, industrial relations (I.R.), keeping the shift-roster filled, time and attendance, and all associated human resources administration including compliance with labour legislation, disciplinary processes and IOD’s. It is the responsibility of your labour broker to ensure that labour legislation is complied with and to follow strict disciplinary procedures, with accurate record keeping. Therefore, if your labour broker employs the necessary expertise, you should not be spending any time whatsoever on such matters.

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Cape Town

Street Adress: 15 Dacres Avenue, Epping Industria 2, Cape Town, 7475
Postal: PO Box 242, Eppindust, 7475
Telephone: 021 534 7653, 021 534 4392, 021 534 8959
Fax: 021 534 2847


Street Adress: 26 Richmond Road, Westmead, Pinetown, 3610
Postal: PO Box 15338, Ashwood, 3605
Telephone: 031 700 8670
Fax: 031 700 5179

East London H/O

Street Adress: 11B Kennington Road, Nahoon, East London, 5241
Postal: PO Box 1968, East London, 5200
Telephone: 043 707 1700
Fax: 043 735 3613

East London

Street Adress: 13 Devereux Avenue, Vincent, East London, 5247
Postal: PO Box 1968, East London, 5200
Telephone: 043 706 0100, 043 706 0101
Fax: 043 721 0825, CV’s 086 618 2772


Street Adress: 4 Forge Road, Spartan, Kempton Park, 1619
Postal: P O Box 2211, Kempton Park, 1620
Telephone: 011 970 3250
Fax: 011 970 2276

Johannesburg South

Street Adress: 9 Helston Road, New Redruth, Alberton, 1451
Postal: PO Box 9446, Verwoerdpark, Alberton, 1453
Fax: 086 242 9809

Port Elizabeth

Street Adress: 156 Cape Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth, 6001
Postal: PO Box 6108, Walmer, 6065
Telephone: 041 501 7400

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Cape Town

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Fax 021 534 2847


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Fax 031 700 5179

Port Elizabeth

Tel 041 501 7400

East London

Tel 043 706 0100 / 706 0101

Fax 043 721 0825 / To receive CV’s 086 618 2772


Tel 011 970 3250

Fax 011 970 2276

Johannesburg South

Tel 011 869 5002

Fax 086 242 9809

Head Office - East London

Tel 043 707 1700

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